Carlisle’s recent history is also reflected in the collection. State Management of pubs, breweries and hotels lasted from 1916 to 1973. Carlisle Pageant celebrated and re-enacted the historic events of the city’s past in 1928, 1951 and 1977. The Blue Streak Rocket programme began in 1958 and ended in 1973. Post -war Carlisle households embraced new domestic appliances, popular culture and mass media in the form of radio and television. Contemporary collecting has also focused on Carlisle’s modern cultural diversity.

State Management in Carlisle

Carlisle and District State Management Scheme sign

The year 1916 witnessed the British government impose State Management on the pubs, breweries and hotels of Carlisle. A vehicle of social control had been launched.  State Management was introduced due to drunkenness, vice and chaos in the city centre. Navvies from the Gretna munitions works...

Carlisle a Diverse City

Carlisle Cultural Bazaar, 2008

People have been coming to live in the area that became Carlisle since Prehistoric times, thousands of years ago. Today, the reasons for coming to this part of Cumbria include work, study, to seek refuge from war or oppression, or just to be with family and kin. Incoming people have brought with...

Carlisle Pageant

Carlisle Pageant 1951

By long-standing right, the end of August is still declared annually as ‘Carlisle Great Fair’ a week long street market with entertainment thrown in. Historical pageants were held at Bitts Park in 1928, 1951 and 1977.    The first pageant of 1928 was the largest and most spectacular event. The...

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