Covered Market, Fisher Street

The Covered Market was built in the late 1880s, by local engineering firm Cowans, Sheldon & Company. The design of the building bears more than a passing resemblance to a railway station. Cowans, Sheldon & Company are reported to have used this building as a showpiece of what they could do, bringing prospective clients to visit the building.
During the Great War the Covered Market provided a venue for large events and on Thursday 18 September 1919, the City of Carlisle hosted an official reception and welcome home for Carlisle’s returning soldiers and sailors. A luncheon was provided and entertainments put on.
At this luncheon, General Sir John Cowans, son of Cowans, Sheldon & Company co-founder, was granted ‘Freedom of the Border Town’ in recognition of his work as Quartermaster General. As Quartermaster General he was responsible for the logistical management of the whole army. He was responsible for overseeing the huge expansion of the army during WWI, organising accommodation and supplies for over 1 million troops.


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