From: 06 th May 2018 To: 06 th May 2018

We will be opening our Border Galleries an hour early on the first Sunday of the month so families can explore at their own pace in a calm and relaxed environment.

From: 19 th May 2018 To: 12 th July 2018

This beautiful exhibition is an exploration of Chinese symbols, imagery and iconic design.

From: 14 th May 2018 To: 23 rd July 2018

An introduction course to Basic Chinese, including pronunciation system, basic characters and their evolution and everyday Chinese for communication.


From: 05 th June 2018 To: 05 th June 2018

Join us on the first Tuesday of the month for China Cafe.

From: 03 rd July 2018 To: 03 rd July 2018

Robert Williams, a Professor of Fine Art at the University of Cumbria, draws from subjects as diverse as archaeology, taxonomy, alchemy and anthropology.

From: 08 th July 2018 To: 08 th July 2018

If you enjoy crafts and textiles this group could be the perfect opportunity for you to meet people with similar interests, share skills and ideas and source inspiration.