From: 02 nd September 2017 To: 02 nd September 2017

Join a line up of expert speakers for a fascinating day of talks exploring the importance and role of Roman cavalry in Carlisle, along the wall and across the Empire.

From: 23 rd September 2017 To: 28 th January 2018

This major retrospective celebrates the extraordinary talent of Cumbrian artist Percy Kelly (1918-1993). For the first time Kelly’s entire artistic output is brought together in a rich display of over 100 works, many of which have not been exhibited before.

From: 05 th September 2017 To: 05 th September 2017

eJoin us in our first China Cafe of the Autumn programme when we will be exploring a traditional Chinese pastime - Mahjong.


From: 03 rd October 2017 To: 03 rd October 2017

We're celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in a Chinese way!

From: 25 th October 2017 To: 25 th October 2017

Create your own scary monster pom poms with wool and pipe cleaners.

From: 02 nd November 2017 To: 02 nd November 2017

Join us for a special evening celebrating the life and works of one of Cumbria's favourite artists.  Visit the largest of Percy Kelly works, discuss his life and legacy and enjoy an illustrated talk with Chris Wadsworth.