From: 01 st May 2018 To: 01 st May 2018

Join us on the first Tuesday of the month for China Cafe.

From: 19 th May 2018 To: 12 th July 2018

This beautiful exhibition is an exploration of Chinese symbols, imagery and iconic design.

From: 14 th May 2018 To: 23 rd July 2018

An introduction course to Basic Chinese, including pronunciation system, basic characters and their evolution and everyday Chinese for communication.


From: 04 th August 2018 To: 04 th August 2018

Following last year’s workshop, Anne and Patrick return with a day focussing on the use of solid graphite sticks.

From: 12 th June 2018 To: 12 th June 2018

Mark Yielder retired (with his dog Uno) as the Head of the Cumbria Police Dog Unit in July 2017.

From: 10 th August 2018 To: 10 th August 2018

With funding from The People's Postcode Lottery Fund, Tullie House is working to transform our walled secret garden into a beautiful, accessible and safe inner-city green space