Saturday 14 June - Sunday 14 September 2014

Richard Slee (born Carlisle, 1946) has built a reputation as one of Britain’s most important contemporary ceramic artists. His work challenges conventional notions of ceramic art and demonstrates the fluid boundaries of 21st century ceramic practice.

This exhibition covers Slee’s most radical work to date produced over the last 10 years. ‘Work and Play’ is grouped into two themes: ‘Work’ which contains the tools and signs of both business and industry; and ‘Play’ which focuses on the equipment and symbols of sport and leisure. In the exhibition Slee evokes a fantasy of the traditional day: eight hours work, eight hours play.

This collection sees Slee exploring new materials, processes and subject matter. Inspired by a love for the ‘great indoors’ and a preoccupation with making, DIY and popular culture Slee chose to reimagine the world of commonplace tools, sports equipment and domestic objects.

Slee’s work is celebrated as art and craft as he remains committed to craft processes and the domestic environment. Slee’s one-off pieces demonstrate his peerless ability to create impeccable super shiny ceramics. His pieces flawlessly integrate sourced materials and readymades from DIY stores, toyshops and sports shops.

Some pieces contain no ceramics at all. The results can be unexpected, humorous, ridiculous, emphatic, melancholic or entertaining. You decide. The show includes a specially commissioned work produced as part of a creative response competition for Outside In artists and is supported by online learning resources.

PLEASE NOTE  -  A limited edition, fine press Artist’s Book ‘Means of Production Richard Slee’ accompanies the exhibition. The book includes photographs of many of the works in Richard Slee: Work and Play, an essay by Mark Jones and a conversation between writer and curator Emily King and Richard Slee.  This publication is currently on sale for £25.00 in the Tullie House shop. The publication is also available to buy online from  AMAZON. Works and exhibitions from the period 2003-2013 are illustrated.  Not all of these works are on display within Richard Slee: Work and Play.

The Richard Slee Exhibition is currently on Tour, Click HERE for further details.




Richard Slee, Trophies, 2012 ©Richard Slee                      Richard Slee, Radio, 2006 ©Richard Slee