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Ceramics, Ocean, 2009, Natasha Daintry (1966-)

  • Ocean, Natasha Daintry

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‘Ocean’ comprises 1000 porcelain pots in a variety of coloured glazes and sizes cleverly arranged to follow the natural flux and uncertainty of water. Here Daintry explores her fascination with nature, water, movement and colour theory, and our emotional responses to colour and form. She juxtaposes a wide variety of coloured glazes ranging from whites and greys to primary colours to intensify them and create movement.

Daintry slip casts her pots using two mould sizes. She controls the kiln temperature during firing so the glaze pools round the base and fades near the top of each pot. During firing the kiln heat reacts with each pot causing them to move and bend which gives them an organic appearance. 

Key facts: 
  • Natasha Daintry uses slip casting to produce one thousand delicate ceramic pots
  • She uses different coloured glazes, and white glazes to explore the colours found in the ocean, in sand, and with a translucent quality like water
  • The porcelain pots are all in different sizes, and displayed to look like a wave, and represent the movement of the ocean

Curator: Melanie

Fine and Decorative Art

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