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Earthernware Tile, De Morgan, Bedford Daisies

  • Bedford Daisies, De Morgan Tile

More Info

The design comprises three daisy flowers on one stem in turquoise and green 'Persian Colours' on a white background. 

William De Morgan is the most important ceramicist of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He was one of the main suppliers of ceramics to Morris and Company.

De Morgan was strictly a ceramic designer and used factory made blank tiles, vases and dishes. He acted as sole designer and used a team of skilled decorators to paint his designs onto the ceramics. His firm was based in Fulham, London, from 1872 to 1911.

De Morgan called his designs in blue and turquoise his ‘Persian colours’.

They were inspired by his deep knowledge of 16th century Turkish Iznik ceramics.

Tiles were De Morgan's core product.  He produce hundreds of designs featuring flowers, animals and saling ships.  They were used in fireplaces, on walls and as decorative framed panels.

Key facts: 
  • De Morgan is known for the hundreds of decorative tiles designed by himself and painted by skilled decorators in his firm.
  • De Morgan is the most important ceramicist of the Arts and Craft Movement, and supplied ceramics to William Morris’s company.

Curator: Melanie

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