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Pottery Heads, Roman Britain

  • Celtic Goddess
  • Celtic God

More Info

These two pottery figures are unusual. Although dating to the Roman period, they definitely not obeying the rules of 'Classical' art. 

The main characteristic of the pots is their vivacity.

The female figure has an almost Afro-Caribbean look, partly through the use of dark clay, but many of the features can be linked to Romano-British ideals. The bun at the back of the hair can be paralleled in much Roman art. The diadem at the front is also something that can be seen in classical figures. The pot itself is a jug.

The male figure also has the prominent eyes of a non-Roman figure. The crown around the head and the fact it is not a functioning pot suggest it was made as a figure - perhaps a cult one.

Key facts: 
  • These figures are from the Roman period, but do not follow classical styles of art
  • The female figure is designed as a functional object or container, the male figure is not, and was perhaps used for worship.
  • Both figures include some fashion ideals from the Roman- British period

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