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Scottish basket-hilted claymore sword

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Jacobite Sword

Scottish basket hilted claymore sword left behind by retreating Jacobite forces in 1745. The claymore was the favoured weapon of Scottish highland clansmen. It was used in combination with the targe (spiked shield) and dirk (dagger) at close range in a tactic known as the highland charge.

Obscene Porridge, Clare Woods

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Painting, Obscene Porridge, 2012, Clare Woods

Clare Woods’ paintings express her fascination with landscape and our emotional relationship to it. This disturbing painting was inspired by a First World War photograph of the Passchendaele battlefield and the artist Paul Nash’s description of it.

Decorative pendant, Medieval

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Horse Harness pendant, Medieval

Shield shaped decorative pendant with fleur des lis, thirteenth to fourteenth centuries