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World War One

Christmas Card, 1916

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Christmas Card, 1916

Christmas card sent by Cumbrian artist Robert Rule to his brother in 1916.

Female Munitions workers, Gretna, 1914-1918

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Photograph of Munitions workers, Gretna

This photograph shows three female munitions workers during the First World War 1914-1918. The women were employed at the HM Gretna munitions works and are wearing their overalls and protective hats.

1914 political cartoon, keep Northern Ireland part of Britain

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Handkerchief, Political Cartoon for Northern Ireland, 1914

This Handkerchief, made in about 1914, has a political cartoon on it, campaigning to keep Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom

Photograph, Midshipmen of HMS Queen Mary, WWI

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Photograph of Midshipmen, HMS Queen Mary, WWI

This photograph shows a group of the midshipmen from HMS Queen Mary during the First World War. HMS Queen Mary was a Royal Navy battle cruiser built in 1913 and participated in the British victory at the Battle of Heliogoland Blight in 1914.

Obscene Porridge, Clare Woods

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Painting, Obscene Porridge, 2012, Clare Woods

Clare Woods’ paintings express her fascination with landscape and our emotional relationship to it. This disturbing painting was inspired by a First World War photograph of the Passchendaele battlefield and the artist Paul Nash’s description of it.

Bayonet practice

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Photograph Bayonet Practice, WWI

This dramatic photograph captures bayonet practise by soldiers of the Lonsdale Battalion of the Border Regiment while training at Carlisle Racecourse.