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Photograph, Fell, 2005 Bethany Murray (1971-)

Photograph on aluminium. Purchased by the Friends of Tullie House

Lechuguilla (The Chandelier Ballroom), 2009 By Monica Metsers (1980-)

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Painting, Lechuguilla (The Chandelier Ballroom), Monica Metsers (1980-)

Oil on board. Purchased with assistance from the Friends of Tullie House

Women's Voluntary Service

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Photograph of Women’s Voluntary service

The Women's Voluntary Service sorting items for a jumble sale to raise money for the War Effort.

Great Iron Bear

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The Great (Iron) Bear Crane, 1960-61

This photograph shows the largest crane railway ever built by Cowans Sheldon being tested in the firm's Carlisle yard. Cowans Sheldon were proudly nicknamed ‘Crane-makers to the World’ and their railway and dockside cranes were made for many countries, especially of the former British Empire.

Female Munitions workers, Gretna, 1914-1918

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Photograph of Munitions workers, Gretna

This photograph shows three female munitions workers during the First World War 1914-1918. The women were employed at the HM Gretna munitions works and are wearing their overalls and protective hats.

Tadeusz Felc, Polish Spitfire Pilot

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Photograph of Tadeusz Felc

Tadeusz Felc was a Polish Spitfire pilot who trained at RAF Kingstown during World War II (1939-1945).

Bayonet practice

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Photograph Bayonet Practice, WWI

This dramatic photograph captures bayonet practise by soldiers of the Lonsdale Battalion of the Border Regiment while training at Carlisle Racecourse.