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Sash of the International Organisation of Good Templars

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Decorative Sash, The International Organisation of Good Templars, Victorian

Decorative red velvet Provincial Grand Masters sash of the International Organisation of Good Templars.

Spur rowel

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Gilded Rowel 1300AD to 1399AD

A rowel is a wheel-like part of a spur. This must be part of a special set because it is gilded [covered by a thin layer of gold]. Only rich people could afford to keep horses for riding.


Decorative pendant, Medieval

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Horse Harness pendant, Medieval

Shield shaped decorative pendant with fleur des lis, thirteenth to fourteenth centuries

Rowel spur 1300-1500

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Rowel Spur 1300AD to 1500AD

Medieval spur, designed to control a mounted horse

Medieval Chalice

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Priest's Chalice, Medieval

Priest's pewter Chalice, thirteenth century (1200-1299)