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Carlisle hiring fair

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A Carlisle Hiring Fair, Victorian

This powerful photograph captures a moment during a Hiring Fair in Carlisle during the Victorian era.

Tobacco box

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Tobacco Box, Georgian

The lid of this lead tobacco box features a decorative African slave’s head. It is therefore associated with the transatlantic slave trade.

Spinners quilt

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Cotton Spinner's Banner, Victorian

During the Georgian era large mechanised cotton mills began to gradually replace the cottage based industry of hand loom weavers.

Commonwealth coins

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Coins, Commonwealth era

The coin dates to the period of the Commonwealth of England, 1649 - 1660. Previously, the image of the king had been used to show that the coinage was backed by the government, but after the execution of King Charles I, a new, kingless coin had to be designed.

Medieval coin

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Coin, Medieval, Henry III (1207-1272)

Henry III coin with name of Moneyer William. The making (minting) of coins was done by companies. These 'moneyers' as they were known paid a fee for the privilege of making the coins. Their names appear on many of the earlier coins, like this one, which has the name of Moneyer William.