Exhibition took place - 6 July - 10 November 2013, in the Exhibitions Gallery.

This exhibition explored the wildlife of the interlocking wetland landscapes of the South Solway Firth. From the wide open mud flats and salt marshes of the estuary to the lonely peatlands of the ‘mosses’, this landscape and its wildlife has shaped and in turn been reshaped by human activity.

The wildlife attracted to the Solway wetlands is adapted to the special conditions there. Learn how plants catch insects to survive in low nutrient conditions and how birds find food buried in the mud. The Solway plays a vital role as a stepping stone for migrating birds and their global journeys will be explored.

The history of the landscape was explored using the environmental record locked in the layers of deep peat formed up to 10,000 years ago. Hands-on displays enabled visitors to experience the way in which scientists explore the history of our landscape, its wildlife and its people.

Using real specimens and objects, together with sound, video and interactive displays, this Heritage Lottery Funded exhibition appealed to all the family. The display signposted sites to visit across the Solway Wetlands Partnership area.