The Tullie Treasure Film shows what Tullie House staff and volunteers really like about the museum in a series of specially-commissioned films.  On show in the museum from 27 June, the three films ‘Memories’, ‘Histories’ and ‘Reflections’ show funny, touching or real-life stories told by 30 staff and volunteers.

Each film includes a diverse range of often untold stories about familiar objects and places in the museum.  We are told the story of one staff member’s ghostly encounter in the lecture theatre.  Why the railway carriage holds such special memories for another and how a curator started his career at Tullie House very early!

Whatever your interest at Tullie House there will be a story for you.

Through commissioning a film, we identified a way to extend the use of one of its key areas, maximise involvement with an exciting project and ultimately provide a further engaging experience for visitors. 

The historic auditorium provides an excellent showcase for the films to be shown during museum opening hours.

Showing in the Lecture Theatre daily at 1pm.  Subject to change, please check before arrival.

The link to the Trailer for the films can be  viewed below, however if you would prefer to view the individual films please follow the relevant link below: