Thriving Communities Carlisle

Thriving Communities Carlisle is a partnership supporting our communities to recover from the impact of COVID-19 using social, arts, culture, nature-based and wellbeing activities.

Our partners are Tullie House, Carlisle City Council, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Prism Arts, Susie Tate Projects, NCIC and Carlisle Healthcare.

Inside Out

Inside Out is a 6-week programme of taster activities, designed to help you get out and about and engage with things that are happening in your community. Each week a different local organisation will bring a creative activity for you to try out.  See which ones you enjoy and then our team can signpost you to similar, longer term opportunities.

Anyone can take part. You don’t need to be referred. If you are finding it tough to adjust to life after lockdown, why not give it a try?

Sessions will run weekly for 6 weeks. Attendance at all 6 sessions in encouraged. Refreshments provided.

No skills or experience are required for any activity. Sessions are designed to be fully accessible, and you can choose how involved you get. If you’d like to discuss accessibility of the programme with us, please get in touch.

Thanks to funding from Thriving Communities Fund, the sessions are free but a suggested donation of £2.50 would be appreciated if means allow.

If you have any difficulty signing up you can contact Sarah Rodway-Swanson on or 07784 900053.

As these are the first Inside Out programmes, we do have limited capacity.

Programme schedules will be uploaded below as they are released.


Every Thursday starting on 7 October. Each session runs 2.00-4.00pm with welcome from 1:30pm.

Attendance at all 6 sessions in encouraged. Refreshments provided.

The following activities will be delivered by visiting organisations. No skills or experience are required for any session. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss accessibility of any session.

  • Thurs 7 Oct – Wheels of Wellness (iCan Fitness). Learn some take-home Chair-based exercises with a focus on improving physical health, and benefit from the legacy of their Live Well Guide to encourage your health long-term and mental wellbeing.
  • Thurs 14 Oct - Gardening for Wildlife (Cumbria Wildlife Trust). Enjoy some time in the community centre garden and discover why gardens are amazing havens for wildlife, learn about our brilliant bees and butterflies, and plant something to take home that will bring the natural world to your garden, yard or windowsill.
  • Thurs 21 Oct - Read and Conversation (Royal Literary Fund). Listen, relax, enjoy! Being read to is very comforting, ‘Reading Round’ is quite simple – relax and listen to a published writer reading a story and a poem before opening it up to discussion within a small and friendly group.
  • Thurs 28 Oct - Movement & Dance (Susie Tate Projects). A place to enjoy moving and creating stories. Using objects found in our natural environment such as shells, stones, flowers and leaves, we will explore their stories through movement and create our own unique dance stories. No dance experience required. Sessions are fully accessible.
  • Thurs 4 Nov - Creative Collections (Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery). Join our team as we look at some of our fantastic outdoor and nature inspired collections up close and use them to inspire creative activities and have a natter.
  • Thurs 11 Nov – Closing session. An informal session to round things off – an opportunity to reflect on the programme, and think about any activities you’d like to pursue going forward.

You can register using the online forms below, or phone Sarah on 07784 900053.

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