In this second of two blogs giving an overview of the photographic collections we continue well into the 20th century. By the 1970s photography was well established and anyone who wanted could probably access a camera. Where once photography was done by professionals there was the capability for most to document their everyday life. And to some extent this typifies the images in this selection: everyday occurrences rather than just special events.

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Tullie House in a Snowstorm, 1970s

One of my favourite photographs of Tullie House, showing the old library entrance with the Museum in the background in the 1970s. With the figure’s hunched up gait in an attempt to block out the snowfall we can almost feel the cold. Brrr!

Carlisle Civic Centre, Rickergate, 1970s

You either love or hate it, but this is Carlisle’s very own monument to Modernist architecture. Our Civic Centre was completed in 1964, shown here about 10 years later. It was designed by Charles B Pearson and Partners, who – believe it or not - beat off 200 other companies in the competition to win the commission.

Looking Down Fisher Street, 9th June 1975

This image was taken by a member of the Planning Department at the City Council. During this routine work they have captured an incident that seems strange today: a man carrying a side of beef over his shoulder towards the butcher’s shop on the left. Yet the non-plussed expression on the faces of the shoppers that bustle around suggest this was not unusual at all.

Rally Cars at the Castle, 1983

Rally cars line up in the Castle parade ground ahead of the fifth and final day of the 1983 Lombard RAC Rally. Driver Christian Rio and Co-driver Jean-Bernard Vieu sit in the Citroën Visa Chrono and flirt (maybe) with the Mayor Trudi Walley.

This image as taken by Guy Pawle at the time a member of the technical team at Tullie House, himself a keen and skilled photographer. We have him to thank for many of the photographs in the collection that document, in an often humorous way, the everyday life in and around Carlisle. Thanks Guy!

Greenmarket Stall, early 1980s

A chilling reminder of the threat all felt during the Cold War during the 1970s and 1980s. This Greenmarket stall was photographed by one of our former curators Tim Padley, capturing the cheeriness of the stallholder despite the grim information they share.

Carlisle Indoor Market Hall, about 1984.

Another super image taken by Tim Padley, showing the bustle of the market hall in the 1980s before the redevelopment in the early 1990s. The market was a hub for Carlisle from its first construction. Built between 1887-1889 for Carlisle Corporation by Arthur Cawston and Joseph Graham with ironwork manufactured by Carlisle firm Cowans, Sheldon & Company. It is one of the few covered Victorian markets remaining in the country. You can still see the familiar Cowan Sheldon oval plaque in the hall.

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