Taking a photo these days is so easy, most of us have a phone in our pocket that we can whip out and snap a moment as we see it happening. We take this ease for granted knowing that anything we want to capture will probably be possible. Even 20 years ago, before smartphones, it wasn’t that easy.

Tullie House Museum has collected the history of Carlisle and Cumbria for over 125 years. The collections tell the stories of the people who have lived and worked in Cumbria, and those who love the county.

Tullie House Museum plans to collect the experience of the Coronavirus crisis and preserve this time in history.

Comedian Marek Larwood has brilliantly recreated several masterpieces in just 15 minutes – in his own ‘mediocre’ style - as part of his web series, including a Pre-Raphaelite painting on display at Tullie House.

Caring for objects in museums is really important because it ensures they are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Cumbria is the most interesting county for dragonflies and damselflies in the north of England, according to the author of a new Cumbria Dragonfly atlas.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Tullie House & Prism Arts today announce the unfortunate decision to postpone the Driggsby, A Whale’s Tale exhibition until early summer 2021.

Easter Crafts

As part of the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery response to COVID-19, the learning team at the museum get cracking on some egg-cellent step by step craft videos of the activities planned for families during the Easter holiday.

The first complete Bronze Age (1300-800BC) penannular ring to be found in Cumbria, now on display at Tullie House.

January is the month of resuming and restarting, and for many of us that means getting back into the habit of the working commute. Today, over 1.5 billion of our journeys are made by train across the UK each year, and all that is made possible with the help of a ticket.