Close to the borders of England and Scotland and to the Lake District, Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery is a meeting point of the History, Nature and Art in one of Britain’s most fascinating regions. The rich collections are a resource of local, regional and national importance.

History: the stories of continuous change, from the earliest Cumbrians in prehistoric times to Roman and Viking invaders of Cumbria; the turbulent story of Carlisle in medieval times; its transformation from rural market town to busy centre of railways, industry and tourism.


Nature: the wildlife and geology of some of the UK’s most varied and important landscapes. The region’s outstanding biodiversity is shown both through the collections and a Biological Records database. Particularly important collections include insects of the area and the minerals of Cumbria and the North Pennines.


Art: from the artists of northern Cumbria, to the Pre-Raphaelites and artists twentieth century Britain, with many significant names represented; English costume and ceramics and a rare Amati violin add to the richness of the collections.