Tullie House has extensive and important art collection including Fine Art, Decorative Art and Textiles. Our main priorities are:

  • To maintain, record and interpret special collections of fine and decorative art of national importance.
  • To record and interpret artistic activity in Carlisle and northern Cumbria from the eighteenth century onwards.
  • To collect leading contemporary artists and makers working in Carlisle and Cumbria.
  • To record and interpret decorative art and textiles made in, used or associated with Carlisle and northern Cumbria from the eighteenth century onwards.


Fine Art

Our Fine Art collection dates from about 1650 to the present day. It contains 5,500 works including paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, photographs, sketch books and sculpture thanks to generous bequests, such as that in 1949 of 600 works from George and Emily Bottomley as well as an art...

Decorative Art

Our decorative art collection dates from 1564 to the present day. It contains 2,500 objects from Britain and further afield including ceramics, metalwork, furniture, clocks and musical instruments. Highlights include one of the earliest violins in the world, made by Andrea Amati in 1564 for King...

Costume and Textiles

Our costume and textiles collection dates from 1689 to the present day and contains about 8,000 items. It includes costume and accessories worn by north Cumbrian people, with a focus on women's fashion, as well as collections from whole families dating from 1720 to recent times. Highlights include...


Curatorial Team

Our team works with fine art, decorative art and textiles dating from the 18th century onwards. These include:

  • Oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, sketchbooks and sculpture.
  • Ceramics, metalwork, glass, furniture and musical instruments.
  • Textiles.
  • Costume.

If you have any queries about our collections, or are interested in booking a talk or a tour from a member of our curatorial team (charges apply), please contact us at curatorialenquiries@tulliehouse.org or (01228) 618773.


E-mail: curatorialenquiries@tulliehouse.org
Telephone: (01228) 618773