The Bronze Age collection contains a range of metalwork, from axe and spearheads to examples of gold jewellery. There is also a large collection of funeral pottery, showing a range of forms from beakers to incense containers that were buried in graves. Unusual items in the collection include a carved stone ball from the Eden Valley and a rare spearhead mould. A number of Bronze Age flint arrowheads in the collection show the progression of flint-knapping from the Neolithic period.

The Bronze Age display is housed in a replica wooden roundhouse in the Border Galleries.

Bronze Age Pottery Cumbria

Biconical jar from Kirkoswald, Cumbria

The museum contains a good collection of Early Bronze Age pottery. The important 19th Century find from Garlands, which represents a flat cemetery (one that was not found under a barrow), is one of the most important collections. Other cemeteries that have produced pottery that is housed in the...

Bronze Age Metalwork

Gold neck ring with incised decoration

The museum contains a representative sample of Bronze Age metalwork from the county. The largest part of the collection consists of axe heads. These range from flat axes to socketed ones. Some of the early flat axes are decorated and are similar to examples from Ireland. Metalworking is represented...