The museum contains a good collection of Early Bronze Age pottery. The important 19th Century find from Garlands, which represents a flat cemetery (one that was not found under a barrow), is one of the most important collections. Other cemeteries that have produced pottery that is housed in the museum include Waterloo Hill, Aglionby, Ewanrigg, Maryport, and Aughertree Fell. All of these contain overhanging rim urns.

The museum also houses Beaker bronze age pottery from many sites in Cumbria. These include Clifton, Mecklin Park, Newton Reigny, Broomrigg and Hunsonby. Beakers from Garlands and Ewanrigg were found in association with the collared urn cemeteries.
Bronze age pottery food vessels are also represented in the collection. The burial at The Shield Knowe, near Bewcastle, was excavated and produced three vessels. Others are single examples such as those from Rickerby and Garlands.