Tullie House holds a small Early Medieval collection, representing Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlement in the area near Carlisle. This includes a number of fragments from carved stone crosses, as well as two warrior burials that contain iron weapons and a small number of decorated items, including a bone comb. Other items include a bronze strap-end, coins and jewellery that represent the artistic styles of the period. One unusual item is a replica finger ring with a runic inscription.

The Early Medieval displays can be seen in the Border Galleries.

Vikings in Cumbria

Decorated bone comb pieces

The early medieval period is sparsely represented in Tullie House's collection. The most significant part of the collection is two Viking burials, one from Ormside and the other from Hesket-in-the-Forest. These were both discovered in the 19th century. Other burial material includes that from...

Anglo - Saxons

Sword with decorated pommel and guard

The Anglo-Saxon material in the museum is mainly single items. These range from a complete sword recovered from the Thames in the later 19th century to strap ends, jewellery, coins and sculptured stones and crosses.