The Human History Collections

In order to record and interpret the lives and activities of the people who have lived in northern Cumbria over the last 10,000 years, Tullie House collects a wide range of material. This includes objects, ephemera (printed material), photographs and associated information files.

All of these collections share a common theme, but for practical organisational reasons the convention has long been to separate all formally excavated material and everything dating to before the Tudor period The Archaeology Collection from eveything later The Local History Collection.

Archaeology in Carlisle and Cumbria

The archaeology collection consists of over 12,000 man-made objects that date to before the end of the Tudors in 1603. The majority of these come from the northern part of Cumbria and Carlisle, but some objects in the collection come from much further afield. The oldest object in the archaeology ...

Local History

The local history collection comprises a wide spectrum of material relating to the historical evolution of Carlisle and north Cumbria. Social history material broadly reflects home life, work, and recreation in nineteenth and twentieth century Carlisle. The city’s key industries and railway...