Insect Collections

The Entomology collections contain some 100,000 specimens, covering most British insect Orders. The bulk of this derives from the collections of three local amateur entomologists - G.B. Routledge (1864-1934), J. Murray (1872-1942) and F.H. Day (1875-1963). All three collected a wide range of insect groups, but each seems to have specialised in particular areas. The G.A.K. Hervey collection of butterflies and moths is also held in the Museum.

The collections are largely derived from Cumbria and Dumfriesshire. There is also a considerable amount of non-local British material. The collections, which are generally very well labelled, are an important source of historical information as well as a fine reference resource for insect identification and a valuable research tool. Some 'Type' material is included.

Both Day and Murray published widely in national entomological journals; all three published local lists in Transactions of Carlisle Natural History Society where there are many references to specimens in the collections.

Mollusca collections

The shell collection totals some 2,000 specimens (c.50% of local origin). This consists of the collections of E. & D. Blezard (local terrestrial and aquatic species), M. Garnett (local marine species) and F. Fisher (British and world-wide species), with additional material from J. Donald (local terrestrial and aquatic species) and Dr. B Colville