We have around 1,500 mounted British birds and mammals, 2,500 study skins, over 3,500 egg clutches and small numbers of fish and osteology specimens.

The collection has mainly come from Victorian naturalists as well as some more recent collectors, and represents a wide selection of British mammals and birds. One of the best known parts of this collection is the so-called 'Bird Boxes', which were made by Ernest Blezard and show mounted bird specimens in their natural habitats.

Our collection of invertebrates includes over 200,000 entymology specimens, and over 10,000 different species. They have been mainly collected from three local amazteur entymoloists (G. B. Routledge, J. Murray and F. H. Day). It represents specimens from Cumbria and Dumfrieshire, although there is also some meterial from other regions. A selection of around 2,000 shells, both local and from further afield, complete this collection.