Wildlife Records

Tullie House Museum established what may be the first ever local biological records centre in 1902 at the instigation of the curator at the time - Linnaeus Eden Hope - and Carlisle Natural History Society. Today the Museum hosts Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre (CBDC), which holds information on the distribution and abundance of wildlife in the county. The CBDC website www.cbdc.org.uk gives further information on wildlife recording in Cumbria.

Over 750,000 records are currently held on the RECORDER database. The information covers all wildlife found in the county. Records deriving from the museum collections give an historical perspective, but the bulk of the data has been collected from recent surveys and contemporary naturalists. CBDC welcomes additional records and information concerning wildlife in Cumbria.

The information is provided to planning and conservation organisations to inform decisions and help conserve the biodiversity of the county. It is also made available through publications, exhibitions and other media as appropriate.