Tullie House Community Board has been set up to help shape Tullie House’s future. The role of the board is to listen to, and speak for, the many different parts of the local community, including those with disabilities, young people, minorities, and others who are under-represented or marginalised in society.

We want our Community Board to have a wide and diverse representation, from the life-long Tullie House fan to those who rarely, if ever, visit. We'd like to see people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, skills and interests apply. In doing so, we hope members will bring lots of different voices to the board. What we will all have in common is a willingness to engage with issues, start discussions, spark enthusiasm, invite reflection and help guide Tullie House as an inclusive, welcoming space for all.

Members of the Community Board will:

  • Represent the voice of local people
  • Have a role in influencing decision making
  • Bring people together to strengthen the role of the museum in the community
  • Focus discussion on key issues for local people
  • Help identify needs and creative solutions 

Community Board Members

Vega Brennan (Chair)

Shelley Hayward (Vice Chair)

Nosa Ehigie

Julia Garner

Jonathan Harkins

Ben Heslop

Tommy Newall

Sarah Penn

Diana Vlad