Coming Out

50 portraits by University of Cumbria MA Photography graduate Faye Hughes

Taking a brand new approach for Tullie House, we present a body of work that tackles head on the issues around individuals revealing their sexual and/or gender identity.  Presented within the historic surroundings of the Victorian staircase, the work reinvigorates this space, and calls out our preconceived ideas of what museums should show, and where.

In this series of sensitive portraits we see the warmth and humanity of individuals from Cumbria in the LGBTQI+ community and their allies, alongside moving ‘coming out’ stories; stories that demonstrate the everyday concerns and pride in your identity, and the need for support within the community.


Adult: FREE with normal admission


On: 03 rd October 2019, 10:00 am Until: 01 st March 2020, 4:00 pm


Top floor, Old Tullie House