Cumbria's Lost Worlds

ADULT OPTION An illustrated journey into Cumbria’s past wildlife and environments,  from the violent volcanic landscape to tropical seas and swamps. Explore the evidence for the ice ages and the landscapes they have created. With specimens to view.

How have Cumbria's beautiful and dramatic landscapes formed? How has Cumbria's environments and ancient wildlife changed over millions of years? Join Curator, Dr Simon Jackson as he answers these questions using the rocks, minerals and fossils in the nationally significant Tullie House collections. Through this talk, which complements the newly opened geology display, Formations, you will journey back in time 480 million years ago to witness the most ancient life preserved in Cumbria in a long, extinct sea. Your journey forward in time will take you to the tropical, warm seas teeming with life, dry deserts with searing heat where you will discover giant scorpions scurrying across the sand and then, marine seas where large aquatic contemporaries of the dinosaurs, the ichthyosaurs once swam; including a creature discovered in a Carlisle garden!. Finally, you will be chilled by the ice age, discovering how it carved Cumbria’s dramatic valleys and landscapes. 

Discover why this ancient sea creature seems to have lost its head.

What curious "comb-like" creatures are these? (Photo: Guy Broome)

Preserved, this fossil seed fern from Whitehaven, is 300 million years old. As plant fossils and tall trees died and became compacted over millions of years they formed coal, the fossil fuel which has powered homes and transport for centuries.

Learn about the giant scorpion-like animal which may have made these tracks, in the hot desert which once existed across Carlisle 290 million years ago. (Photo: Guy Broome)

Discover the story behind this extinct marine reptile, an ichthyosaur, an aquatic contemporary of the dinosaurs. Believe it or not discovered in a Carlisle garden!

Recommended for adults and children over 8.

Tickets available on Skiddle or by phoning 01228 618700

FAMILY FRIENDLY OPTION at 11.00am, Tuesday 22 October


Adult: £7 Concessions: £4 Members/Students Children: £4


On: 22 nd October 2019, 1:00 pm


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