Mike Routledge - The Misadventures of an Ordinary Man - September Lunchtime Talk

Mike Routledge has at various times been both a primary and secondary school headteacher, school inspector/adviser and Associate Head of Education at a university college. The author of several education texts, since retiring he has continued to write publishing his first novel, The Reiver, an adventure story based around Carlisle during the Great War.  It’s been the subject of various written and radio reviews being described as a ‘well-paced, witty and action-packed novel’. His latest venture is fact rather than fiction, an accessible walks guide to the Lake District and surrounding area.  To be published by Pathfinder Books in April 2023, royalties are being donated to the Calvert Trust Lakes for whom he offers his time as a volunteer instructor.

Running side-by-side with his career has been a passion for travel and the outdoors. As an education adviser one of his areas of responsibility was to advise schools on health and safety when engaging in adventurous activities. In this talk he takes a light-hearted look at examples where perhaps he didn’t follow his own advice.  This ranges from encounters with a grizzly bear while canoeing in Alaska, avoiding polar bears whilst trekking in the Arctic Circle, being chased by a bull elephant on safari in Africa, making a hasty retreat from the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily as the volcano erupted, being shot at during anti-British riots in India and a high-level traverse across the highlands of Scotland in some of the worst spring weather on record. The talk will be a journey around the world and suggest that many things are possible if you are prepared to ‘give it a go’.


Adult: Free Children: Free Free but spaces are limited so booking is required.


On: 06 th September 2022, 1:00 pm Until: 06 th September 2022, 1:45 pm


Lecture Theatre