The Poetical Cellist

Kenneth Wilson is a Cumbrian cellist and poet.  He combines solo cello with poetry, creating performances for many occasions and spaces. The music tells a story, or evokes emotion, which the poetry then explores, teases, reveals – or maybe subverts…

Fittingly for our To the Edges of Empire Exhibition, this is Kenneth's send-off concert for an epic and unusual tour.  He is going to cycle with his cello from Hadrian's Wall to Rome - "from the edge of empire to its heart," as he describes it.  He will be performing every day of the five-week journey, down the length of England, through France, and over the Alps into Italy.

The Cumberland News has described Kenneth's performance as "an arresting, varied blend of wisdom, wit, and the wordless eloquence of his cello."

You can see more of his performance, and his journey, on Kenneth's website


Adult: £15 Concessions: £10 for Members


On: 25 th May 2022, 2:00 pm Until: 25 th May 2022, 3:00 pm


Art Gallery