Pop-up Roman Frontier exhibition

Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Frontiers of the Roman Empire is recognised as significantly shaping the Europe we know today.  Stretching from the Irish Sea to the Black Sea, it brought order and established a symbolic definition of the reach of civilisation in Roman times.  As a contemporary zone crossing the continent and beyond, it now connects communities in a way unlike any other.

About the pop-up exhibition: this exhibition features  views of those living in 10 countries about the impact of that Frontier and aims to promote discussion between participants on the values and meaning of cultural heritage to society now showing that what joins us is greater than what divides us.

Activities on Wednesday 13th November will also include object handling and Roman board games

The exhibition is beig brought to us by Cultra Trust. Founded in 1965 as the North East Civic Trust, it's had a formative role in UK civil society for over 50 years. In the 1980s they began bringing historic landmark buildings back into productive reuse. Since the 1990s they have contributed to some of the UK’s most successful urban regeneration programmes, demonstrating that historic areas are economic assets. They are now Cultura Trust, and very much focused on traditions and values.


Adult: Normal Admission charges apply


On: 13 th November 2019, 11:00 am Until: 19 th November 2019, 4:00 pm


Roman Frontier Gallery