Youth Solidarity Project in collaboration with M-Unit

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is working with M-Unit in a special T-shirt project supported by the Lotto Fund in association with #CelebrateNationalLottery25

M-Unit is a community interest group aiming to bring together Carlisle's black and minority ethnic community in order to educate people, increase visibility and celebrate diversity.

In celebration of free speech, we're asking young people of colour (and their supporters) to submit T-shirt designs. These designs can share personal thoughts, views, stories or a statement of solidarity. Each design submitted will be displayed on the Tullie House and M-Unit website.  But 30 designs, covering a range of powerful messages, will be specially chosen and printed. These will be displayed at a special exhibition within the museum in August.

How can you get involved?

1) Create a T-shirt design on Canva

  • Use a free account
  • Search for T-shirt templates
  • Create your own design with words
  • Save your design as a PNG file

2) Create a design on your own copy of Photoshop or similar software

3) If you do not wish to design a T-shirt, simply email us your words and we will design it for you.

If you would like your design to be considered for the exhibition, submit it by 5.00pm, Monday 17 August via email to:, along with your Name, Age, and Ethnicity.




On: 23 rd July 2020, 8:00 am Until: 17 th August 2020, 5:00 pm