Woman Up 2022

Join us for the 4th Woman Up (2022) at Tullie!

This inspiring event is jam packed with delicious speakers and tasty topics to help us expand our minds and build solidarity. By exploring, celebrating and honouring issues affecting different women, we hope this event will encourage us all to live in a more radically inclusive way. 

This one day event is for anyone interested in exploring the issues faced when negotiating the intricacies of womanhood. Everyone welcome aged 16+

Access information

This event will take place inside the lecture theatre, which is accessible for people who use a wheelchair. The back row/s should be reserved for those with mobility issues or people who need to exit the room more easily.

All talks will be subtitled and the room is fitted with an induction loop system.

We're sorry we're not able to stream this event online at this time, but this is something we're looking into.

Please notify us in advance via lindsey.atkinson@tulliehouse.org if you have any specific access requirements.

Woman Up 2022 Line-Up

Introducing our incredible speakers & contributors:

Winnie Poaty (she/her)

is a vibrant, sparkling, open water swimmer, an advocate for mental wellness, self care and diversity in open spaces;  Winnie has a CIC, the Win Outdoor Foundation, which works to empower people to explore, grow, connect and reflect in the outdoors, encouraging others to find sanctuary to improve their mental health and well being.

We are so excited to have Winnie on board at Woman Up!

Winnie's Instagram

Win Outdoor Foundation

Katy Murray (she/her)

is an expert leadership coach;  her book, Change Makers, shares insights and powerful ways that we can reshape our thinking and shift our behaviour.

She explores how to clarify your purpose, increase your joy, and boost your energy, whilst also managing overwhelm and how to prevent burnout. Let us learn from Katy and join the women who are finding a powerful new way to lead.

Katy's website

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Tyler Clark (she/her)

is a survivor and found strength in struggle. From rock bottom to an inspirational mum, fitness coach and award winning athlete hoping to represent UK women at an International level. She was a finalist and last female standing on channel 4’s gruelling SAS:Who Dares Wins TV show. She proved to herself that change is possible, the past doesn’t need to define who we are in the future. She says, “with every struggle or difficulty, a lesson is to be learned”.

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Woman Up Delves Deep Q&A session

This part of the event aims to provide a safe space to unpick and demystify specific issues.  This year we have a wonderful and courageous panel who will candidly respond to questions about their lives as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our awesome panel of LGBTQ+ representatives:

Our Host:

M-Jay Fulton (he/she/they)

is an individual who challenges societal perspectives of gender identity and gender norms as well as providing support to the LGBTQ+ community and those who wish to further their knowledge on LGBTQ+ related issues.

Andi-Elizabeth (she/her)

 is an inspirational woman with a transgender history who is honest about the trials and tribulations of her journey. 

Chimwemwe Chirwa (she/her/they)

is a passionate and driven multimedia journalist from Kendal. She works as a freelancer for Cumbrian based news site Hollr and Cumbrian based zine, Folded. She also works as a youth mentor and activist with Anti Racist Cumbria. 

Previously Chimwemwe has written powerful LGBT+ perspectives and stories for Hollr, Folded and Anti Racist Cumbria delving into How and Why LGBT+ History Is Hidden, What it's like to be a WLW on holiday in the Lakes and a deep dive series into historical LGBT+ figures in Cumbria.

Instagram: @chim_chirwa 

Twitter: @chimchirwa 

Lucy E J Woods (she/her)

is an internationally published journalist who co-founded the Dumfries & Galloway Queerier, a local magazine to amplify the stories and voices of LGBT+ people in the rural area of Dumfries & Galloway.

D&G Queerier Instagram

Mina Banisaeid (she/her)

is a youth worker at PiNC in Carlisle supporting LGBTQ+ young people and sharing her passion for important issues. She moved to the UK in March 2019.  As a non-white lesbian woman, Mina finds ways to talk about discrimination against others facing similar challenges. She is an inspirational fighter for equality.

Keeley Vincent (she/her)

is a warm and lovely human who has worked as a community midwife in Milton Keynes and then Cumbria.  She knows a lot about supporting women into motherhood and talks about some of the things that are often unsaid.  We are thrilled that she is able to be part of Woman Up 2022!

Katherine Dalgliesh (she/her)

is the inspirational founder of the Happy Mums’ Foundation which provides hope and acceptance for women with maternal mental health problems through an incredible team of women who have lived-experience. Katherine will talk about the stigma of mental health, the complexities of motherhood and peer-leadership.

The Happy Mums Foundation website

The Happy Mums Foundation Instagram

Kate Gregson (she/her)

is an all-round gem of a woman; she is a creative practitioner, facilitator and performer, spreading joy wherever she goes.  We are thrilled that Kate will be facilitating an inclusive, interactive session at Woman Up as well as sharing some pearls of wisdom.

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Sarah Ledger (she/her)

is a local teacher, writer and podcaster - one half of Sezl & Simons the Middle Aged Fat Lasses. The Sarahs talk about body image and navigating the various shifts in identity. At Woman Up, Sezl will be presenting her honest and refreshing take on age, fat, gender and the expectations of the sandwich generation!

Louisa Rodriguez (she/her)

has always been passionate about women’s issues and empowering women and previously raised awareness of and campaigned around ending violence against women and PTSD.

Louisa’s passion for writing began as a child, writing always providing an outlet to explore and reflect on her experiences in the world. When she is isn’t at work you can find her adventuring in the mountains, hiking, fell running, outdoor swimming all of which provide inspiration for her poems.

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Adult: £5 Tickets are £5 but free for young people and adults with limited income. If you are able to buy a ticket, please do. Any money raised will be re-invested in more Woman Up events.


On: 18 th June 2022, 10:00 am Until: 18 th June 2022, 5:00 pm


Lecture Theatre