Flossy the Flamingo

Following a public vote on Facebook and Instagram pages, this bright pink flamingo has been given the name: Candy Floss the Flamingo or Flossy for short.

Finding a home at the museum is a happy end to a tragic journey for Flossy.  This single pink flamingo was discovered by George Scott of the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust.  Flossy had been chased around Skinburness by people trying to catch it.  There was torrential rain and it was blowing a gale. The combination of exhaustion and wet weather had pushed the bird close to death.

George took the flamingo back to the centre to try and resuscitate it using an incubator, but it was sadly in vain and the flamingo passed away.  Soon after, the flamingo was offered to Tullie House.  It’s thought that Flossy originally came from the Isle of Man as the gale was blowing from that direction, and a clipped wing would indicate it was a captive bird rather than a wild one.

  • To maximise enjoyment, complete the jigsaw in full screen mode - press the arrow icon at the bottom right of the grey box.
  • Press the bottom left image icon to see the picture for reference.
  • Press the ghost mask icon to have the picture as a guide to overlay pieces.