Dalston Hall Cumwhitton, Carlisle, Cumbria, England CALMG : 1946.67.1 oil painting

The Rookery 1854 by William James Blacklock.

This painting shows Blacklock's characteristic and very unusual painting style. The trees are almost three-dimensional. Hidden amongst the trees is Dalston Hall near Carlisle. A man and woman in period costume can be seen walking towards the Hall. The figures cast strong shadows and almost have a photographic quality. The painting was exhibited at the royal academy in 1854.

William James Blacklock is one of Cumbria's most important landscape painters. He painted the scenery of Cumbria, the Lake District and the Borders and particularly favoured remote areas. He painted these landscapes in his own uniquely precise style. Blacklock is represented by thirty-three works in the collection.

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