England CALMG : 1949.125.26 print

Windermere, A Storm 1848 by Ford Madox Brown.

In the foreground a scattered herd of cattle lie in a sloping field enclosed by drystone walls on left. Two figures pass across it from right to left. Beyond lies the lake fringed on the nearside with trees; beyond it rise distant hills. A heavy bank of cloud hovers over the horizon.

Gordon Bottomley records in his Account of Paintings of this work: 'About 1855 the artist set about having a chromo-lithographic print made from the original picture but found the result intolerable. Only a few proofs were taken, and most of these were destroyed but one that remained he worked by hand in bodycolour until the surface of the print had disappeared. This is the present work. On 31st January 1858 the artist recorded in his diary 'coloured at one of my lithographs of Windermere to give John Marshall [the eminent surgeon]''.

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