United Kingdom CALMG : 1961.4.7 shoes

Pair of woman’s shoe and clog, about 1720-40.

Brown silk brocade upper is trimmed with nutmeg coloured silk braid and lined with white kid. This forms a shoe with closely-stitched square tongues and latchets down to a sharply pointed toe and a high, thick, waisted wooden heel covered with red leather. These shoes have a pair of separate matching clogs worn over the shoe. These are flat with a sharply pointed toe, a wooden instep and leather sole. The heel support is covered in red leather with decorative white stitching. The latchets are made of green woven silk with cream, black and pink flowers, lined with white kid over a leather base. The eyelet holes and green ribbon hold them on to the shoe. Shoes at this time were identical and could be worn on either foot.

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