Pom Pom Panda.

Pom Pom Panda was part of the Chinese New Year celebrations held on Saturday 25 January 2020. Tullie House marked the beginning of the Chinese year of the rat, with activities throughout the day. There was kung fu and acrobatic performances, drumming workshops, traditional Chinese crafts, storytelling and this giant Giant Panda! You may also remember the parade which made its way through the grounds of Carlisle Cathedral and into the city centre, before returning to Castle Street.

Celebrations coinicided with the opening of the Treasures of China exhibition. This explored almost 3,000 years of imperial culture and included loans from the Oriental Museum at Durham University.

  • To maximise enjoyment, complete the jigsaw in full screen mode - press the arrow icon at the bottom right of the grey box.
  • Press the bottom left image icon to see the picture for reference.
  • Press the ghost mask icon to have the picture as a guide to overlay pieces.