Inspired by Driggsby, A Whale’s Tale, our interactive summer exhibition created by children from West Cumbria, we’ve created the #ProtestOurOceans project.

Working with young people across Cumbria, we’ve created a display of protest signs featuring words that encourage keeping our oceans clean, which will be displayed in the exhibition. This will go alongside suggestions of how you can protect our oceans, such as going on a litter pick or making the switch to re-usables or plastic alternatives!

We are asking the public to join in on our protest, and make protest signs of their own which will be displayed in the exhibition, or suggest ways in which we can protect the ocean together.

All you need is:

  • Some cardboard (between the size of A4 and A2)

  • Some craft supplies (paint, glue, the more colour the better)

  • Something to say (e.g. Don’t Be A Fossil Fool!, Take Your Litter Home!)

Drop your signs off at our reception to have them displayed in our protest, or share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #ProtestOurOceans.