Tullie House’s Roman Frontier Gallery opened in 2011 in partnership with the British Museum. Although installed almost 10 years ago, the gallery continues to both inspire and provoke through its innovative interpretation which sets the historic frontier of Hadrian’s Wall alongside the walls and frontiers which exist across the world today.

Frontiers and boundaries are part of our everyday lives. They can exist as both metaphorical and physical, and they have been drawn and re-drawn, constructed and contested the world over. This podcast looks at the conception, installation and impact of Tullie House’s Roman Frontier Gallery and how it has engaged with these wider themes.

The Podcast

Elsa Price, Curator of Human History, interviews the key individuals involved with the gallery to explore the powerful and thought-provoking ideas behind the Roman Frontier Gallery.

With thanks to:

  • Andrew MacKay, Director of Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust
  • Tim Padley, former Curator of Archaeology at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust
  • John Scott, Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan Co-ordinator
  • Jules Wooding, Museum Manager at Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life and previous Learning and Access Manager at Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust
  • Nigel Mills, Heritage Consultant for the Roman Frontier Gallery

This podcast was edited by Anna Henley.

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Roman Frontier Gallery podcast