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Drawer of beetles, 1900

  • Beetle Specimens

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Tullie House has a vast collection of insect species. These are categorised to allow us to identify and study the behaviour of these creatures.

In this drawer:

Stag Beetles - found in southern counties, their habitat is in ancient woodland, where they feed off fallen dead wood.

Rhinocerous Beetles - These are named because of the tiny single horn on the head of the males, giving them a Rhino appearance! These are found in Cumbria, where again, they also feed from fallen deadwood.

The other species in this drawer are Dung Beetles.

This drawer is currently being updated with new species, which is necessary for scientists to be able to properly identify the species present in the modern ecosystem. This helps us to find out about trends in habitat and environment, and the effect it is having on species population.

Many beetle species have spread north over the last few decades owing to increases in the temperature and climate.

Some however are rarer, having experienced habitat loss from flower-rich grassland and ancient woodland areas.

Key facts: 
  • The scientific study of insects is called Entymology.
  • Beetles are arranged in catergories to help identify species.
  • Some of these beetles are found in Cumbria

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