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Hanoverian Medal, Georgian

  • Hanoverian Medal

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The medals slogan ‘More rebels are coming’ clearly indicates that many men will be hanged for their part in the rising. It is made clear that the rebellion had been crushed by force and that rebels will be executed. The medal also provides a stark warning to any further uprisings against the Crown.

Trial and Execution of Jacobite Rebels

The leaders of the captured Jacobite Carlisle garrison were tried for high treason in London. With these was Colonel Francis Townley, the officer left by Prince Charles to hold Carlisle against the advancing army of the Duke of Cumberland. Townley was found guilty in his trial on the 30th July, 1746 and was sentenced to death by being hung, drawn and quartered after which his head was exposed on Temple Bar.

The other prisoners who had been sent to Lancaster, Newcastle and Whitehaven were brought back to stand trial at Carlisle. There were 382 prisoners altogether but due to the impossibilities of administering justice to so many people it was decided that the men should draw lots to determine who should stand trial. This reduced the number for trial to 127. The remaining prisoners were sentenced to transportation for life.

Jacobite prisoners were held at Carlisle Castle, and executed at Harraby Hill in Carlisle and at the Capon Tree in Brampton.

A few prisoners were acquitted such as Piper Ballantine who pleaded he was forced into service by a party of rebels and had several pieces of evidence in his favour.

Key facts: 
  • The Hanoverians were the royal family of England after the Act of Settlement in 1701 meant that the King had to be protestant. George I became the first Hanoverian King in 1714. Queen Victoria was the last Hanoverian monarch, and modern royals are her direct descendants.
  • The Jacobite forces were defeated at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. They were later tried for High Treason against the Crown. Most were transported (sent to work in the English colonies abroad) but some were executed as a warning to others
  • This medal re-inforces the warning about the consequence of rebelling against the Crown, and the punishment for High Treason

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