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Horse Harness pendant, Medieval

  • Decorative pendant, Medieval

More Info

A medieval status symbol? This shield-shaped horse harness pendant would have been mounted onto the harness of a horse.

Although it could just be for decoration, it may be an heraldic badge. If it is then it would have shown that the rider was 'in service' to the person who's badge it was. The 'top rank' of society would have had a much more impressive show of their heraldic achievement by having the badge displayed on a large cloth which almost covered their horse and by having the badge embroidered on their clothes.

The fleur des lis is one of the symbols of France. A lot of English nobility originally came across from France and Normandy with William the Conqueror in 1066.

Key facts: 
  • This pendant was used to decorate the harness of a horse
  • The fleur des lis pattern might belong to a heraldic shield for a noble family

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