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Men’s silk waistcoat and breeches, Georgian

  • Georgian waistcoat and breeches, silk

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People dressed very differently in the Georgian period to us today. Fashions changed far less frequently.  A person’s social standing and wealth was evident in how elaborate their clothes were. All the Georgian clothes in the Tullie House collections were worn by the wealthy or the middle classes.

Men’s fashions changed little during the 18th century. They wore a coat, waistcoat, shirt, breeches, stockings, wig and hat throughout the period. Gradually the cut and shape became more fitted. Loose shoulder length wigs were tied back by 1750.

These breeches and waistcoat were worn by a member of the wealthy Senhouse family. They lived at Netherhall and developed Maryport into a coal port in the 18th century. Maryport is actually named after Mary, the wife of Humphrey Senhouse, after permission was granted by an Act of Parliament to found the modern town in 1749.

Key facts: 
  • Men's fashion didn't change much during the Georgian era
  • The clothes worn and the fabrics used reflected the social and financial status
  • These were worn by a member of the Senhouse family, a wealthy local family at Netherhall.

Curator: Melanie

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