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Souvenir jug , Victorian

  • Souvenir jug, Queen Victoria

This jug commemorates Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee which was celebrated across the British Empire on the 20th and 21st of June 1887. The event marked the Queen’s 50 years on the Royal British throne. In this time Britain developed a massive global Empire and was a leading industrial, maritime and mercantile power. During the 1880s British world supremacy came under threat from the growing industrial and military power of Germany which also had ambitions of a global empire.

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In 1877 Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle and her husband the Marquis of Lorne visited Carlisle. The couple opened the Victoria Viaduct that connected the city centre with Denton Holme and the Princess Louise Ward at the old Cumberland Infirmary. The royal couple passed through a series of highly decorative arches that marked the royal route between the city and the infirmary. Princess Louise was later was treated to an elaborate, eastern-style bazaar in Victoria Hall that raised £3,376 for the new hospital ward. A further legacy of the visit is Lorne Crescent in Denton Holme which was named after the Marquis.

During Victoria’s reign Carlisle’s population increased from 19,000 to 45,000.  The city’s manufacturing base grew and transport links improved. House building boomed in the 1830s and 1870s. Many of Carlisle’s streets and terraced houses were built in the Victorian period.

When the Mayor of Carlisle announced the death of Queen Victoria on 22nd January 1901 hundreds of people packed into the Green Market.  In 1902 the City of Carlisle commissioned the construction of a statue of the late Queen Victoria in Bitts Park. The statue was unveiled by Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (who had married Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Helena) at the Royal Agricultural Show. The park surrounding the statue was renamed Victoria Park.

Key facts: 
  • The jug commemorates Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887, celebrating 50 years as Queen.
  • Victoria's daughter Princess Louise visited Carlisle with her husband in 1877. they officially opened the Victoria Viaduct, and a dedicated wing of the hospital

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