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Wedding dress, silk brocaded taffeta, Victorian

  • Victorian Wedding Dress
  • Wedding dress of brown silk brocaded taffeta, 1856-9

More Info

This wedding dress is made from grey and brown silk taffeta brocaded with flowers and trimmed with silk fringing. The wide sleeves echo the large dome-shaped tiered skirt which was worn over a crinoline. The crinoline was a light frame made from flexible whalebone hoops which replaced layers of petticoats and was worn from 1856.

Different decades during the Georgian and Victorian periods saw dramatic changes in the shapes and silhouettes of fashionable women. These were enhanced with corsets, crinolines and other forms of padding and shaping.

Mrs Hardie possibly wore this dress for her marriage. The dress may have been altered to wear during pregnancy at a later date. Women sometimes re-used their dress and altered it for other occasions.

Coloured wedding dresses were still worn by brides on their wedding day despite white wedding dresses being popular.

Key facts: 
  • This mid- Victorian dress is trimmed in brocade flowers and silk fringing
  • The wide sleeves help to enhance the dome shaped crinoline worn underneath
  • This wedding dress was worn by Mrs Hardie 1856-9

Curator: Melanie

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