24 January 2020 - 26 September 2020

"All part of our rich culture. Developed over many centuries and dynasties"

Treasures of China brought together rarely seen porcelain, embroidery, calligraphy, silk, jade and other precious items from nearly three-thousand-years of Chinese imperial culture. Featuring beautiful and exquisite loans from Durham University’s Oriental Museum, accompanied by objects from our own collection of porcelain and textiles.

Visitors to this spectacular exhibition were able to discover the dynastic history of China and the splendour of the Imperial Court with displays of the sumptuous clothing and precious jades that showed wealth and status, the beautiful objects related to the scholarly tradition and an extraordinary collection of porcelain. Many of the objects are richly decorated and the exhibition will reveal the hidden meanings and symbolism used in the decoration.

Click here for the AUDIO GUIDE discussing items within the 'Treasures of China' exhibition.

Objects from the Tullie House collection traced the journey of tea, silks, porcelain and artworks that made the six-thousand-mile journey to Carlisle, exploring how tourism and the Silk Road impacted upon Imperial China and the West. A stunning display of contemporary art from Chinese artists will show how the fascinating history and symbolism of Imperial China continues to inspire and inform Chinese culture today.

Image credits: Stuart Walker Photography

With thanks to the Oriental Museum Durham University, Art Fund_  and Lancaster University Confucius Institute for helping to make this exhibition possible.